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Game's Details
Shaiya (PH)

PUBLISHER Mobius Games (Global)
REGION Philippines
STATUS LIVE : 0000-00-00
WEBSITE http://shaiya.amped.ph/
Chapter I: In the Beginning
In the beginning, there was only darkness and the Goddess Etain desired to bring order and harmony. She formed the continents of Teos Epeiros from her own flesh. Mountains were made high and rivers ran throughout the land just like her veins ran all over her body. She created green forests and plains as lively as her youthful complexion. The sky and stars were based on her eyes. The vast, rich world crafted through her strength, will and desire for perfection was then named Shaiya.
And from the hands of the Goddess Etain, creatures were made to inhabit the new world. She created the Thelaiosis, Dragon Gods who could help her rule the kingdom of Teos Epeiros. Threemans, the leader of the Dragon Gods believed that the different races should guide the growth of the young world. Through this plan that the Nordein were born.

Chapter II: Rebirth
Unfortunately, the first Children of Etain appeared failures in her eyes. The Nordein however possessed brutal, aggressive physique and were cast back into the soil to be forgotten. Determined to improve her next creations, the Dumianas were sculpted into her own likeness and imbued with the virtues of the Thelaiosis. At last, Teos was complete and prospered in harmony as it worshiped the Goddess.

But as time went by, troubles came that the Goddess had never foreseen. She had given the Dumianas the gift of intelligence and knowledge, not knowing that such blessings would eventually create ambitions, doubts, and growing disrespect and rejection of her authority. The Dumianas rebelled and started a war amongst themselves that lasted for years. As the fighting continued, the Goddess Etainm became depressed and weak. Her beauty and power faded as well.

Chapter III: Betrayal
Fueled by their arrogance and wickedness, the Dumianas ended the vulnerable Goddess’ life by killing her with a sword. Her tormented soul was torn into two. The land shook and the sky darkened as the living creatures throughout the world of Shaiya were devoured by the soil.

Nearly all of Teos Epeiros' inhabitants died. But fate allowed two remaining Dumianas, Proton and Eustatin, to survive. Desiring to keep their line alive, Eustatin approached Proton as he slept. When they woke up, Proton was displeased about what happened and banished Eustatin in anger to the south of Teos.

Chapter IV: The Races of Teos
Eustatin gave birth and raised their son in darkness, filling him with the fury and anguish she held against Proton. When she died, a young woman came out from her ashes to share a life with her adult son. They became the ancestors of the Vail race.

Proton's life remained haunted by the rebellion of the Dumianas against Etain. In his loneliness, he sculpted a statue in her image. One day, the wooden sculpture turned into a living woman infused with the blood of the Earth, and together with Proton founded the Elven race.

The two races lived apart for hundreds of years, but their expanding territories eventually made their paths crossed. Hatred and resentment of the past rose once again and the two races pushed into each others’ lands in a constant war

Chapter V: The Goddesses of Emerge
The body of Etain vanished with her death while her spirit remained divided and hidden. But the time came when new energies filled the remnants of her separated souls. This new power created an eclipse that shadowed over the lands. The ground shattered and storms filled the skies. The Vail and Elves stopped fighting to stare at the two goddesses - one for Light and one for Dark.

Chapter VI: Rise of Light and Darkness
A second eclipse forced new life into Shaiya. The Humans came from ships that traveled the oceans, seeking new lands for their fast-growing race. The Humans forged alliance with the Elves under the benevolent eyes of the Goddess of Light. The Alliance of Light was born.

In that same eclipse, the ground cracked open and the Nordein emerged from the underworld as the Deatheaters. Arrogant, aggressive, and reckless, they waged war on all the races of Teos.