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《Mythic Saga》New Features of The Rise of Kings !
Monday , 28 January 2013

《Mythic Saga》 New Features of The Rise of Kings !

Dear Players,

After months wait for it, The Rise of Kings the newest version of Mythic Saga is about to launch with a group of thrilling new features which will surely meet your needs!

*New Features:
1. Genie: An amazing creature to increase your attributes. They are divided into 3 types such as Purple, Golden and Blue according to their quality, and 10 species in terms of Tiger, Bear, Fox, Ghost, Soldier, Kingkong, Weed, Wolf, Underbeast and Aquabeast. You can search for Genies 3 times a day.

2. Alchemy Furnace: Gather materials and Recipe to create Meds here.

3. Imprint and Shift your Gear.

*New maps, for example Savage Ridge, will open and the monsters there offer a great amount of exp and treasures.
*Level 71-80 will be available.

*New Skill System: When you log in Mythic Saga, please reset your skill bar and auto-combat skill bar(Drag the skill icons to the skill bar).

1.    The icons of Orb of Life and Magic have been switched.

2.    “Relic Shielding Scroll” has been changed to “Relic Shield”.

3.    “Flying Gem” has been changed to “Immortal Gem”.

4.    Lv 2-4 Materials for crafting have been cancelled. Instead, you need more Lv 1 Materials for crafting a piece of advanced gear.

5.    Some goals have been changed.

6.    Mythic Oracle joined Mythic Alchemists and will transmute Superior Mythic Pearls to supreme rewards for you.

7.    When you receive a quest of collecting items, if you activate auto-combat, the auto-harvest will begin.

8.    Tower of Judgment will not be available temporarily.

Mythic Saga (Global) Team

Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/mythicsagasea
Official Sitehttp://mythic.voomga.com/
Forum: http://forum.voomga.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=5

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