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[全民 Party] Make friends singing online Karaoke
Monday , 10 August 2020

全民 Party, make friends singing online Karaoke, the most beloved voice-based social media app!

[Karaoke all day with your personal singing room]

——The best in HiFi sound quality, let your beautiful singing voice shine through
——Numerous tracks all in one place, there's nothing you can't find
——Hot room card, no worries just “Pick” your favorites
——Chat seats, interact in real-time using the mic, it's Karaoke that knows no distance
——Diverse theme parties, a variety of styles, pleasant surprises in each one

[Virtual socialization, it’s the voice not the looks that count]

——The most popular voice app, the more you sing the more fun it is
——Recommended friends, there's someone out there just like you
——Label matching, avoid awkwardness by chatting about common interests
——Mood plaza, encounter the most irresistible voices out there
——Meet friends near you, don't regret those chances that pass by

[Incredible ways to play, you’re the trend-setter]

——Grab at the speed of light, who will be the best of them all
——The Hottest Looks, you gotta look your best when hosting parties
——Strum and sing, no experience with an instrument? No problem, strum and sing along
——Whole song or just a part record as you like, create your own unique EP
——Gifts galore, special gifts lighting up your screen, receive the most flowers and applause

Download 全民party, more amazing surprises are waiting for you!

全民 Party : Clink Here
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