1) What is SPEED ID?
SPEED ID is a new feature in your Gamesberry wallet. SPEED ID acts as a “passport” which allows you to securely log into any 3rd party game portal that partners with Gamesberry without having to register a new game ID for every game you play. Using SPEED ID saves you time, and provide fast access to your favourite game.
2) How to register SPEED ID ?
Logon to www.gamesberry.com, register as a member. SPEED ID will be randomly generated and assigned to your Gamesberry account, enter a new password to SPEED ID, and you are good to go.
3) How many SPEED ID generated with a Gamesberry member registered ?
One Gamesberry ID ONLY generated for one SPEED ID. It tied with Gamesberry ID, temporary can’t be untied.
4) How many SPEED ID does a user can hold ?
As answer on Q3, if user need to hold more than one SPEED ID, user need to re-register a new Gamesberry ID.
5) Setting of SPEED ID password is that any requirement ?
In the secure way, suggestion for the password must be alphanumeric keys. The password MUST not same as Gamesberry ID.
6) Why can’t SPEED ID password be same as Gamesberry ID?
i) Gamesberry ID is the main wallet that holds all your credit transactions and records.
ii) SPEED ID is an account for you to log into any games conveniently. SPEED ID holds all your game records in your favourite game.
7) What is the difference in between SPEED ID & Gamesberry ID ?
Gamesberry ID
i) Register a Gamesberry ID should in a valid email. (Exp: registered email gamesberry@gmail.com).
ii) Gamesberry ID can be using Gamesberry top up card to add value to the ID(berry points), and use the berry points to consume for others game products at the portal.
Speed ID
i) SPEED ID will generated after registered a Gamesberry ID. (Exp: system will generated gamesberry@speedid)
ii) SPEED ID just a passport ONLY, allow user login to the game/portal. SPEED ID user who wish to consume at the game, the system will auto detect the ID tied with any of the Gamesberry ID, then if the Gamesberry ID have the enough berry points system will convert it to the ingame currency.